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Costa Rica
Friday, October 15, 2021
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Nearly 19,000 kids crossed dangerous Darien Gap in 2021: UN

A record of almost 19,000 children have crossed the dangerous Darien Gap jungle between Colombia and Panama this year en route to the United States

Panama fears could be hit by new ICIJ ‘Pandora Papers’ leak

Panama fears the publication Sunday of a new expose about financial secrecy in global tax havens could again taint its reputation, which was seriously...

Darien Gap: Where hell and hope collide for US-bound migrants

Stumbling over a stone in the Colombian jungle, a 12-year-old Haitian boy only pauses before readjusting the folded tent slung over his shoulder and...

American dream shattered: one Haitian’s journey to US border… and back

Many migrants have died trying to cross the area linking South and Central America. Conditions are difficult.

Unvaccinated visitors from Costa Rica, USA must quarantine in Panama

Visitors to Panama who are unvaccinated and have recently been in Costa Rica or the United States must quarantine for 72 hours upon entering the Central American country.

‘Many didn’t make it’: Haitian migrants’ traumatic journey to Panama

So far in 2021, 64,000 migrants have crossed the jungle, including 18,000 in August alone, according to Panama's Security Minister Jean Pino.

Costa Rica requests panel over export dispute

Costa Rica requested the creation of an arbitration panel at the World Trade Organization (WTO) on its dispute with Panama

Copa resumes ‘Panama Stopover’ travel deal

Copa Airlines and Panamanian tourism authorities this week announced the reactivation of the “Panama Stopover” campaign that allows passengers to add the Central American...

Panama, Colombia to facilitate safer migrant passage to US

Panama and Colombia agreed Friday to facilitate the controlled transit of undocumented migrants seeking to reach the United States, in an attempt to slow...

Panama loans field hospital to Costa Rica

Costa Rica on Saturday received a field hospital loaned by Panama to help improve the nation's Covid-19 treatment capacity.

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