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6 Reasons to Start Gardening in Costa Rica

Whether you've got a lot of space or a little, a green thumb or knack for killing plants, "Home Gardening" columnist Ed Bernhardt explains why this is the time to plan your Costa Rican garden.

Costa Rican diet contains too much salt, Health Ministry says

The average Costa Rican adult consumes twice the recommended value of salt each day, according to the Health Ministry.

Costa Rican diet: The ‘No Sugar’ challenge

Costa Rica’s cuisine has been influenced by global trends. Breaking up with added sugar is not an easy task, but we were determined to try it.

‘Slow Food’ fair to offer Costa Rican specialties

The Mercado de la Tierra, or Earth Market, will feature foods from Turrialba cheese and pejibayes to traditional dishes and indigenous artwork.

Number of obese Ticos has almost quadrupled in four decades

The Social Security System has launched a new campaign seeking to change Ticos’ eating habits in order to stem a tide of increasing obesity.

Costa Rican ‘super eggs’ boost daily intake of nutrients

Selenium-enriched eggs produced using a new technique developed at the University of Costa Rica can help strengthen the immune system and contribute to the prevention of various types of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Meatless Monday initiative launches in Costa Rica

This week Costa Rica officially joins the global initiative known as “Meatless Monday,” or Lunes sin Carne, which aims to reduce meat consumption and environmental harm.

Food companies in Costa Rica pledge to reduce salt in products

Leaders of the Costa Rica Food Industry Chamber agreed to reduce average salt/sodium levels by 15 percent in their products by 2018.

Costa Rica ranks healthiest country in Latin America

Health and happiness really do go together in Costa Rica. The country recently topped another list — this time, of the region's healthiest countries.

Agriculture Ministry surveys population’s consumption of fruits, vegetables, seafood

Agriculture Ministry officials this week began a nationwide survey on the population's consumption of vegetables, fish and seafood.

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