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Fundraising dinner to honor Christiana Figueres, Steve Aronson

All proceeds will be donated to outstanding Costa Rican nonprofits.

Hivos celebrates 50 years in Costa Rica, Latin America

The development organization Hivos is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Putting the individual person in the center of their work, its associates have been advocating many different areas of social interaction: Women’s rights, sustainability, diversity - you name it!

New grant program seeks to boost Costa Rican nonprofits

The new grants are designed to help nonprofits in Costa Rica build their organizational capacity.

Guanacaste nonprofit raises money to install cost-saving solar panels

Savings generated by the new solar panels will eventually help fund CEPIA’s many programs including classes, training and meal provisions for its constituents.

Costa Rican students get the surprise of a lifetime: a trip to NASA

Six high-schoolers and their students thought the grand prize of the contest they had won was attending a prestigious San José conference, but NASA deputy project director, Costa Rican Sandra Cauffman, had a surprise up her sleeve.

Year-end campaign invites public to share why they love Costa Rica

The #GraciasCostaRica campaign invites members of the public to upload messages thanking Costa Rica for what it's given them. The messages help raise awareness of nonprofit initiatives in education, conservation and rural development.

Guanacaste nonprofit celebrates 10 years of support for youth

Young people took the stage to tell their stories of coming to Culture, Education and Psychology for Infants and Adolescents (CEPIA), the organization that Laetitia Deweer cofounded with her friend and fellow Belgian Lotje Deridder to improve the quality of life of impoverished Guanacaste children and teenagers and their families.

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