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Monkeys of Costa Rica: Meet the White-Faced or Capuchin

White-faced monkeys - they eat everything, so they’re everywhere and they might steal your juice box or throw sticks at you. White-faced or capuchin monkeys...

The Mystery of the Orange Howler Monkeys in Costa Rica

Biologist at the University of Costa Rica Oscar M. Chaves Badilla is a primate specialist studying a phenomenon that seems to appear almost exclusively...

7 Latin American primate species among the 25 most endangered in the world

7 Latin American primate species, which inhabit Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and one that extends from Mexico to Colombia, are among the most endangered...

Howler Monkeys: Costa Rica’s Noisiest Residents 

Howler monkeys may be among the most interesting animals to spot in Costa Rica. And they're not all that difficult to find — you just need to use your ears.

Costa Rica Power lines and wildlife electrocutions: Finding a solution

Power companies have made some efforts to mitigate problems.

Swinging around

Our daily Costa Rican moment of zen. #tanlindacostarica

Manuel Antonio: Mangroves, monkeys and jumping off waterfalls

In our continuing series on "Costa Rica's Greatest Places," we explore two great adventures launched from Quepos/Manuel Antonio: mangrove kayaking and a waterfall tour.

Mysterious monkey deaths could be related to climate change

Drought, disease or something more sinister has caused a massive die-off of howler monkeys in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and other Latin American countries.

Corcovado tour from Drake Bay leads to something ‘extremely rare’

Costa Rica's Corcovado National Park, even on a repeat visit by boat from Drake Bay, is full of surprises.

Primate rescue groups go bananas when Justin Bieber says he wants another monkey

A Costa Rican animal rescue center issued a snarky challenge to Justin Bieber: Promise not to get another monkey and we'll name a rehab wing after you.

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