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Canadian longtime expat goes missing in Costa Rica under ‘strange’ circumstances

Police discovered an abandoned car with its doors open on the side of the road along Route 32 Tuesday evening. The car is registered to the missing man, Ryan Piercy, OIJ Director Francisco Segura said Wednesday morning.

Costa Rica ends final search-and-rescue mission for US hiker believed missing in Corcovado National Park

Search-and-rescue teams wrapped up a final operation on Monday to find U.S. hiker Cody Dial, who disappeared in Costa Rica in early July. Search teams focused their efforts on the rugged Corcovado National Park, where Dial was believed to be hiking, but failed to find any clues as to what happened to the 27-year-old Alaska-native.

Father continues search for Alaska hiker, believed missing in Costa Rica’s Corcovado National Park

A legendary U.S. outdoorsman continues the search for his missing son inside Costa Rica's untamed Corcovado National Park.

Another year and still no answers for parents of missing US tourist

David Gimelfarb disappeared on Aug. 11, 2009. His parents, Roma and Luda Gimelfarb, travel to Costa Rica every year to continue the search. This is the fifth year since David's disappearance, and police say they still have no clues as to what happened.

Where is Yerelin (and the other missing children of Costa Rica)?

A search that has lasted more than two weeks in Costa Rica for a missing 6-year-old girl so far has turned up nothing. Yet it highlights a troublesome and growing trend in Costa Rica of disappearing minors.

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