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Mexico’s 100-year bond bonanza shows panic fading

Investors who missed a windfall from Mexico's 100-year bonds still have a chance to profit.

Mexico to purge corrupt cops in violent state

NUEVO LAREDO, Mexico – Mexico's government decided Tuesday to increase military control over security in the northeastern border state of Tamaulipas and purge corrupt police to reverse a surge in drug cartel violence.

Powerful magnitude-6.4 quake hits southern and central México

MEXICO CITY – A powerful and prolonged magnitude-6.4 earthquake was registered in the south of México, shaking the populous capital at noon on Thursday, according to authorities, which have not yet reported victims or damages.

Mexico frees 179 kidnapped Central America migrants

Five people handling the migrants, who were from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua, were arrested, an official in the prosecutor's office told AFP.

Mexico, Panama sign free-trade pact

PANAMA CITY – Mexico and Panama signed a free-trade pact Thursday that could pave the way for the small Central American nation to join an alliance of Latin American partners turned toward Asia.

Diplomats in Washington tout the emerging ‘Pumas of the Pacific’

“It’s not about how many free trade agreements you have on paper, but how many jobs you can turn them into.”

U.S. forms anti-crime alliance with Guatemala and Mexico

The governments of the United States, Mexico and Guatemala formed a special body Friday to fight drug trafficking and organized crime.

World’s top drug trafficker, ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán arrested in Mexico

MEXICO CITY – Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, the man who supplied more illegal drugs to the United States than anyone else on Earth, was captured by the Mexican military without a shot Saturday morning in the Pacific coast town resort of Mazatlán, according to U.S. and Mexican authorities.

Obama visits Mexico, but his attention is divided

TOLUCA, Mexico – "This is historic," U.S. President Barack Obama pronounced aboard Air Force One on Wednesday. Obama was not talking about his trip to the North American leaders summit in this industrial city.

Chinchilla defends road map to join Pacific Alliance as candidates reserve judgment

Two weeks after attending her last international summit as president at the Pacific Alliance conference in Cartagena, Colombia, Laura Chinchilla defended her government’s decision to eventually join the growing free trade bloc of some of Latin America’s biggest economies.

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