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Luis Guillermo Solís

Costa Rica will ask for international help to assist migrant crisis

The president of Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado, will ask the international community for help in the face of an influx of migrants, the government said Sunday.

Looking back at ‘LuisGui’ – the good, the bad, and the bee

A few memorable moments of the Solís Administration.

President Solís recognizes shortcomings in security, deficit

Highlights from the president's final speech to Costa Rica's Congress.

PHOTOS: President-elect Carlos Alvarado visits Casa Presidencial

Alvarado and the future First Lady toured the presidential offices.

PHOTOS: La Carpio opens new school, 23 years in the making

A new facility to replace the infamously overcrowded primary school in La Carpio, one of Costa Rica’s biggest slums, has been in the works for more than two decades.

President sounds alarm over the murder of women in Costa Rica

Costa Rica's five femicides so far this year suggest an alarming increase when compared to the 16 cases recorded in 2017 by the Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ).

President Solís: ‘I’ve always told you the truth’

President Luis Guillermo Solís released a video Tuesday evening about the unfolding Chinese cement scandal.

President Solís recovers from successful prostate operation

The medical staff indicated that the president was in good spirits, asked them about the procedure and chatted with families who arrived to visit him.

Crowned heads

The royal treatment for Solís and Peña.

President Solís continues his European tour

President Solís visits the Netherlands.

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