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President Solís recovers from successful prostate operation

President Luis Guillermo Solís took a medical leave to undergo prostate surgery Wednesday after postponing the procedure last week to oversee relief efforts related to Tropical Storm Nate.

Solís visited a private clinic in San José early Wednesday morning for surgery on a benign prostate enlargement. His doctors announced later in the day that the two-hour surgery was successful.

The medical staff indicated that the president was in good spirits, asked them about the procedure and chatted with families who arrived to visit him.

Surgeon Mario González said at a press conference that Solís will be released Thursday and must spend two weeks taking it easy.

“He can get up and go to the bathroom, perform some minor tasks. He doesn’t have to stay in bed,” the doctor explained. “We recommend that he move around and walk.”

In a video released Tuesday, Solís announced the operation alongside First Lady Mercedes Peñas.

“I postponed my surgery in recent days to dedicate myself to the after effects of Nate, but the time has come to have the operation, which can’t be postponed any longer,” Solís said in the video.

According to Costa Rican law, Vice President Helio Fallas stepped in as acting president during Solís’ leave.

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