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La Prensa

Nicaragua police raid La Prensa newspaper in escalation of arrests

Nicaraguan police on Friday raided the opposition newspaper La Prensa

Nicaraguan paper halts print version as customs holds materials ‘hostage’

Nicaraguan newspaper La Prensa announced on Thursday it was suspending its print edition due to customs refusing to release its paper imports at a time when the government is accused of repressing opponents.

Experts accuse Nicaragua of ‘cover-up’ after military incursion into Costa Rica

The former diplomat said that this incident is an indication that the crisis in Nicaragua not only persists, but continues to deepen. 

La Prensa: Daniel Ortega imposes repression, misery on Nicaraguans

Nicaragua finds itself in the midst of an extreme economic recession, a minimum wage freeze and an increase in the prices of electrical energy and fossil fuels.

Daniel Ortega’s regime has twice as many political prisoners as Nicolás Maduro’s

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega's dictatorship has proved to be more lethal against citizen protesters than Nicolás Maduro's in Venezuela, not only because it has...

Soy pico rojo: the new form of protest in Nicaragua

The social networks have filled with photos of men and women wearing red lipstick as a way of protest against the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega.

Free press accuses Daniel Ortega’s dictatorship of wanting to impose a reign of silence

Saturday, September 8, when the International Day of Solidarity of Journalists was celebrated worldwide, reporters and directors of independent media organizations in Nicaragua expressed that Daniel Ortega was a “dictatorial Regime” that considers those fighting for freedom enemies. The journalists spoke out about ending the Forum of Independent Journalists, which was used to debate the situation of the press in the context of the crisis provoked through state repression.

The Nicaraguan war hero accused of “terrorism”

Ex-colonel Carlos Brenes was a guerrilla and military man of high rank in the two wars in Nicaragua; friend of Camilo Ortega and of great respect in the Army. Now he is detained, being accused of terrorism.

“I was rotting in El Chipote,” university student Bayardo Siles talks about his days in jail

Before fleeing Nicaragua, Bayardo José Siles Rodríguez, a university student and human rights activist from Matagalpa, was illegally locked up in prisons across three departments for ten days.

U.S. doctors cancel medical mission in Nicaragua after mass firing in León Hospital

Doctors from North Carolina that were going to perform heart and lung surgeries for the "Proyecto de Salud para León" medical mission canceled their visit after the mass firing of medical staff at the Oscar Danilo Rosales Argüello Teaching Hospital (HEODRA).

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