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Jose Maria Villalta

Opposition candidate Villalta draws thousands to final San José rally

Thousands of spectators crowded San José's Central Park Friday night to support Broad Front Party candidate José María Villalta's official closing of his 2014 electoral campaign, 8 days before voters head to the polls. Here's a look in photos.

In last presidential elections, polls overestimated Libertarian Guevara’s support and underestimated PAC’s

[INTERACTIVE GRAPHIC] Explore how pollsters in Costa Rica stacked up during President Laura Chinchilla's election in 2010.

Guevara snubbed for Friday forum with leading union and other presidential candidates

Three of the candidates leading the polls in Costa Rica's presidential race will participate Friday in a forum organized by the National Association of Public and Private Employees, once of the country's biggest unions.

Candidates in favor of expanding gay couples’ rights, but not marriage

The four highest polling candidates have all stated they would expand benefits to gay couples such as property rights, though none have advocated true legalization. Johnny Araya, José María Villalta, Otto Guevara and Luis Guillermo Solís have said they support inheritance rights, hospital visitation rights, and access to social security and medical benefits. The candidates varied on the emphasis and extent of their proposals.

More than 200 celebrities, artists, poets and academics announce support for Villalta’s presidential bid

Musicians, television personalities, and public intellectuals voiced their backing for progressive candidate José María Villalta as Costa Rica’s next president.

Subway also wants to tell you who to vote for in Costa Rica’s presidential elections

The latest fear-mongering campaign against the leftist Broad Front Party involves Subway Costa Rica franchises. Over the weekend, Subway employees complained of emails that attempted to influence voters that allegedly were sent out by the restaurant's management.

If you’re still undecided, Sunday’s presidential debate probably didn’t help

With several presidential debates already behind us and one more to go before Feb. 2 elections, voters might be getting a little winded with the same five candidates reiterating their positions on various issues and displaying general contempt for each other.

Cosmetics company Avon Costa Rica really does not want you to vote for José María Villalta

Avon, the “company for women,” had its franchise in Costa Rica scolded by the country’s Supreme Elections Tribunal for distributing political propaganda along with its mail-order products.

Villalta calls budget deficit focus ‘alarmist’

Costa Rican opposition presidential candidate José María Villalta says he'll cut tax deductions and boost salaries of police and teachers if elected president, calling concerns about the country's widening budget deficit "alarmist."

Libertarian candidate Otto Guevara could become Costa Rica’s next president

A second round in the Feb. 2 presidential race could turn the dynamics upside-down with current third-place candidate Otto Guevara as a favorite, according to a poll published Thursday.

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