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Jose Maria Villalta

Costa Rica headed for a runoff election as latest poll suggests 3-way tie

Costa Rica seems headed for its second runoff election in history with three candidates in a dead heat 15 days before the Feb. 2 election, according to the latest national poll.

CID-Gallup poll shows Araya might avoid presidential election runoff

Ruling National Liberation Party candidate Johnny Araya has inched up in the polls as his rivals start to cannibalize one another’s support, according to the latest CID-Gallup poll of decided voters released Tuesday.

Costa Rican legislature accidentally passes gay marriage legalization

The measure would require the president's signature to become law.

Costa Rica is giving away its fishing resources, says opposition candidate José María Villalta

The Broad Front Party's presidential candidate said that protecting Costa Rica's waterways and oceans would be a priority for his government, and offered specific reforms for the country's troubled fisheries institute, INCOPESCA.

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