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Jose Maria Villalta

Political renewal is needed – but it can’t be forced

It's popular to call for "new faces" in politics, but true political renewal more complex than such pleas would suggest.

Costa Rica’s Supreme Court tells Talamanca: You can’t declare environmentalist expats ‘personas non grata’ 

Two expats in Costa Rica have won an appeal against the local government of Talamanca, which declared the foreigners “personas non grata" in the Caribbean beach town of Puerto Viejo for being “environmentalists,” according to a statement from the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Fishermen protest as lawmakers flip-flop on shrimp trawling

More than 600 fishermen and environmentalists united Thursday morning to protest a bill that would reinstate shrimp trawling in Costa Rican waters. "Pesca arrastre es un desastre," they shouted.

The real communist threat in Costa Rica

The current living conditions many Venezuelans face – inflation at 56 percent, shortages of flour and milk in stores and one of the worst murder rates in the world, among others – have brought new protests and violence to the streets of Caracas. In Costa Rica, Venezuela’s woes take on a different significance.

José María Villalta is not happy right now with the PAC’s presidential campaign

Less than a week after his presidential campaign concluded, José María Villalta gave a wide-ranging postmortem interview with La Nación on the election, the upcoming runoff and his future.

Luis Guillermo Solís and Johnny Araya head to April 6 runoff after close Costa Rica vote

Centrist presidential candidate Luis Guillermo Solís will battle ruling party candidate Johnny Araya in an April runoff after Solís shocked many in this small Central American country by taking first place in preliminary results released late Sunday night.

Live Costa Rica election results

The Tico Times will update results as Costa Rica's election authority reports them.

A look at Costa Rica’s 2014 elections

Check out these photos from Sunday's vote.

The Tico Times to publish live election results starting at 8 p.m.

We will provide graphical election results by province and municipality, as the first results come in at 8 p.m.

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