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How to Buy Property in Costa Rica: 20 Essential Tips

Buying property in Costa Rican can be a rock-solid investment — if you know what you’re doing, play by the rules, use common sense and follow this advice.

Costa Rica tops in attracting foreign investment: report

Costa Rica was the world’s best-performing country relative to its size in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI), according to analysis from fDi Intelligence. 

Japan, Latin America boost economic ties as growth slows on both sides of Pacific

From salmon farming in southern Chile to shipbuilding in landlocked Paraguay, Japanese companies are pursuing investments throughout Latin America – with an eye toward future opportunities under the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Java executives sued by SEC for Bob Marley pump-and-dump scheme

U.S. regulators sued a group of alleged penny stock manipulators in a $78 million scheme where they hijacked a small coffee company formed by Bob Marley's son to reap profits from the name and trademarks of the late reggae singer.

Here’s what Wall Street is saying about Fed interest rates remaining unchanged

Following the Fed interest rates decision to keep them at historic lows, there is no shortage of reaction from analysts and economists across Wall Street. Here's a quick look at what they think about the Fed standing pat.

Pioneering Costa Rica’s solar push in the Central Valley: Alajuela’s Llobet and Sons

While Costa Rica's emphasis traditionally has been on generating hydropower, the country has fallen woefully behind on its generation of solar power. Despite many obstacles, department store Francisco Llobet e Hijos decided to help lead the charge and show that going solar can provide significant savings.

Brazil S&P downgrade forces a fiscal reckoning

Standard & Poor's decision to demote Brazil's debt to junk status on Sept. 9 hit the country's political class right where it should have -- square in the gut.

Venezuela’s Maduro secures another $5 billion loan from China for oil sector

"We have signed a special program for a $5 billion loan to progressively increase oil production in the coming months," Nicolás Maduro said on state television Tuesday night in a broadcast from China, where he is on a visit seeking support for Venezuela's sinking economy.

UPDATE: Costa Rican police raid law offices in connection with €8.5 million fraud investigation

OIJ spokeswoman Xinia Zamora said that the raid aimed to discover if the law firm was aware of the illicit source of money used to buy properties in Costa Rica by a Dutch businessman.

Brazil in crisis means 93 company downgrades just the beginning

Moody's Investors Service, Standard & Poor's and Fitch Ratings have dished out 93 corporate downgrades since Jan. 1, already more than in any full year since 2002, and they may not be done. Speculation is mounting that Moody's -- which met with officials in Brazil last week -- will lower the country's rating.

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