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Internet privacy

President Alvarado testifies in response to data-collection controversy

The president defended the creation of the Presidential Unit for Data Analysis (UPAD) as a method to formulate public policies based on science and data.

WhatsApp stresses privacy as users flock to rivals

WhatsApp on Tuesday reassured users about privacy at the Facebook-owned messaging service as people flocked to rivals Telegram and Signal following a tweak to its terms.

Here’s what Costa Rica’s biometric identification bill says

Costa Rica's Legislative Assembly is considering a bill that would create a national biometric database of the country's residents.

Costa Rican government denies violating private information with data unit

The Minister of the Presidency of Costa Rica, Víctor Morales, denied Monday that the government had violated the private information of the population with a controversial data collection unit.

Authorities begin investigation into Costa Rica data analysis unit for fear of privacy breach

Crespo said that a technical and legal team of her agency will work during this week with the Presidency to determine if the work of UPAD violated the privacy of citizens.

After public criticism, Costa Rican gov. repeals decree that created department with access to ‘confidential’ information

The Costa Rican government on Friday repealed a decree that had created a Data Analysis Unit, after public criticism questioned its purpose and scope. 

What happened to the 15 people the Internet hated most in 2015?

PharmaBro, Cecil the lion's killer and all the other most hated people in the Internet this year.

Violence against women in the age of new technology

Cellphones, email, social media, instant messaging all translate to new manifestations of violence that are a violation of intimacy as a means of exerting control, often from a spouse, lover or former lover.

You can fight the NSA by ‘resetting the Net’

This week tech companies, democracy advocates, and open-Internet activists joined forces for a Reset the Net campaign that emphasizes both personal privacy and open access to information on the Web. As part of the initiative, companies including Google, Mozilla, Yahoo, Twitter and Reddit are fundraising, educating and launching new security features and services.

Costa Rica’s Chinchilla says NSA spying has been a ‘blow to U.S. credibility’

The president warned that governments should not take advantage of the circumstances to curb online freedoms.

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