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Eco-Friendly Bug Control Tips for Costa Rican Gardens

HOME GARDENING: Gardening columnist Ed Bernhardt shares two newfound solutions to dry-season bugs: homemade sticky traps and insect spray.

7 Homemade Pest-Control Recipes for the Costa Rica Rainy Season

As the tropical rains increase in Costa Rica during the year, so do the bugs - and for the gardener, that can spell trouble.  Most...

Climate, big agriculture slashing insect populations ‘by half’

A warming world and intensive agriculture are causing insect populations to plummet by nearly half compared to areas less affected by temperature rises and...

The Secret Lives of Leaf-Cutting Ants in Costa Rica

When looking for wildlife in Costa Rica it’s easy to become fixated on the unusual mammals and vibrant birds, but one of the country’s most complex creatures lies underfoot.

7 natural pest control recipes for the Costa Rica rainy season

As the tropical rains increase in the last quarter of the year, so do the bugs - and for the gardener, that can spell trouble. Here's a collection of natural insect controls you can prepare right in your kitchen.

Photo of army ants in Costa Rica wins international award

Costa Rica's striking natural beauty looks almost as good on camera as it does in person. 

Protecting Costa Rica’s Biodiversity: It’s a bug’s life

Insect populations account for 85% of all animals that live in the Osa Peninsula.

Jumping around

Our daily Costa Rican moment of zen. #tanlindacostarica

Drake Bay ‘Bug Lady’: Fascinating spider, insect tour is undeterred by rain or gloom of night

Drake Bay 'Bug Lady' Tracie Stice and her husband offer an amazing night tour to find spiders, insects, frogs and sloths. So who cares if it rains?

20 new wasp species named after Costa Rican schoolchildren

Twenty Guanacaste schoolchildren drew their way into the (natural) history books this year and became the first kids in region -- and maybe anywhere -- to have wasp species named in their honor.

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