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UN Calls for Protection of Costa Rica’s Indigenous People’s Rights

The United Nations (UN) issued a statement calling for respect for the rights of indigenous people. August 9 is the International Day of the...

In Guatemala, Mayan Zone Attack Leaves 4 Soldiers Wounded

At least four soldiers were wounded Sunday when a military vehicle was shot at in an indigenous area mired in a long-standing border conflict...

First Costa Rica Woman Cacique Officially Appointed

For the first time in the ancestral indigenous lineage of the territory of Alto Comte Burica the official appointment of a woman Ngäbe-Buglé cacique...

Guatemala Indigenous Community Appear before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

The Sa'Komonil Association accompanied the community authorities representing the 64 families that make up the Agua Caliente Indigenous Community, Lot 9, in the municipality...

Panama Investigates Allegations of Sterilization of Indigenous without Consent

Panama's Public Prosecutor's Office announced Monday the start of investigations into reports of alleged sterilizations of indigenous women without their consent, while the government...

Panama Denounces Sterilization of Indigenous People without their Consent

A dozen Panamanian indigenous women denounced having been sterilized without their consent in a public hospital, prompting the start of official investigations, a deputy...

New Costa Rican law recognizes nationality for indigenous populations

The lack of nationality has been a historical obstacle preventing indigenous people living on Costa Rica’s borders access to basic services such as healthcare, education and social assistance benefits.

In context: Costa Rica’s struggles with indigenous land rights

Past coverage from The Tico Times provides context about Costa Rica's relationship to indigenous populations.

5 questions for Bribri guides Roger Blanco and Geider Büitrago

"We want to teach visitors about our vivid Bribri culture... a culture that’s fighting daily to conserve and strengthen its worldview."

Costa Rica Agency Orders Suspension of Pineapple Farming Project

The Environmental Technical Secretariat asked for the demarcation of all wetland areas inside the property before any type of work on the pineapple project continues.

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