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Costa Rica
Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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Hotel review

For family in the rain, Arenal Springs to the rescue

My family vacation was a rainy-season disaster in the making - but then a miracle happened. It’s called the Arenal Springs Hotel.

Room2Board gives hostels a good name

It was clear that the Room2Board staff was giddy about its “boutique hostel,” and deservedly so: The place is well designed, sparklingly clean, and a coconut's toss from the beach. They have marketed themselves shrewdly – Room2Board caters to surfers and discriminating backpackers.

Our most popular stories from last month (March ’14)

Here's a recap of what stood out to readers in March.

Service, food disappoint at Costa Rica’s pricey Andaz Papagayo

The standard Good Morning package (including breakfast) was $572, the cheapest room available. But, the resort fee per room is an additional $50, and the tax is $70, so if you only eat breakfast and stay in the smallest room, you’re looking at essentially $700/night/room. But hey, we were going to enjoy the heck out of that night!

A posh getaway in the Caribbean

In 2004, Banana Azul co-owner Colin Brownlee thought he’d be hosting backpackers. But Internet marketing brought him fancier guests, and he’s been upgrading the property ever since.

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