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Monday, September 27, 2021
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Hügelkultur: tricky on the tongue, amazing results in a Costa Rica garden

Ed Bernhardt explains an all-natural gardening technique that has at least one Costa Rican farm producing far more than before.

Amid official denials, Nicaraguans battle Covid surge

In Nicaragua, governed with an iron fist by Daniel Ortega, official coronavirus figures do not reflect the reality of a population scrambling to find oxygen tanks for stricken loved ones.

Oxygen shortage due to Covid in Nicaragua: ‘Stand in line and wait for a miracle’

According to the government of Daniel Ortega, Covid-19 hasn't caused a collapse in public hospitals, but his opponents claim otherwise.

Hydroponic gardening in Costa Rica: How to get started

If this past dry season has been any indication of what’s to come in our future, climate-wise, we better get ready for alternatives for...

Benefits of Adding Cinnamon to Your Costa Rica Coffee

Cinnamon is truly an amazing spice as its both healthy and great tasting. Its’s one of the few recommendations I tell people to add...

Meet your Costa Rica Garden’s new best friend: Baking Soda

Ed Bernhardt shows how a simple ingredient in your Costa Rica kitchen cabinet can help you fend off a huge array of headaches – in and out of the garden.

Plants in Costa Rica That Help with Aches and Pains

Home Gardening columnist Ed Bernhardt offers up his favorite plants and recipes for pain-relieving teas, tinctures and poultices.

‘The Costa Rica model’: The New Yorker profiles Costa Rica healthcare

The New Yorker, a United States-based magazine, will highlight Costa Rica’s healthcare system in its August 30 edition.

This is going to hurt: Top 10 Covid scams

From the sophisticated to downright strange, the pandemic has set off a wave of scams around the world from bogus doses and fake vaccine...

WHO criticizes rush toward Covid-19 vaccine boosters

Providing Covid-19 vaccine boosters while so many were still waiting to be immunized was immoral, the WHO argued.

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