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gallo pinto

Rice and Beans and its place in Costa Rican Culture

After visiting Costa Rica you will be left with endless memories that you cherish and remember for months and years to come. Sprawling jungles...

Costa Rica Caribbean Cuisine: A Fusion of Flavors and Cultures

TASTE OF THE TROPICS: Coconut-infused rice-and-beans, rondón seafood stew, spicy patí and more await in Costa Rica’s Limón province.

Costa Rica Food Culture: Canard à l’Orange or Gallo Pinto?

I’ve been cooking gourmet meals for the whole household, but, you know, I think they would just as soon eat gallo pinto. I’m not...

New heat-resistant beans could save Latin American cuisine from climate change

To create strains of heat-resistant beans, scientists crossed the protein-rich common bean — a food staple in Latin America and Africa — with the drought and heat-resistant tepary bean.

Google recognizes Costa Rica Independence Day with gallo pinto

The image only shows up for Google users current in Costa Rica. The four other Central American countries celebrating Independence Day this Monday -- El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras -- also received their own doodles.

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