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Franklin Chang

Costa Rica becomes a space watchman with powerful radar

The device makes it possible to observe the Earth's orbit near the equator, taking advantage of the country's location.

Costa Rica to create Space Agency; bill passed by Congress

Appropriately, the news came on the day NASA landed the Perseverance rover on Mars.

Costa Rica chosen as site for ‘next-generation’ space radar

LeoLabs has chosen Costa Rica as the location of its next space radar, the United States-based company announced in a press release. 

Meet Costa Rica’s newest NASA figure: Luis Diego Fonseca Flores

Costa Rica may be small, but its people are achieving great things.

NASA honors Hispanic Heritage Month with Tico astronaut

Franklin Chang Díaz is a Costa Rican physicist who participated in seven Space Shuttle missions.

Space Ticos: Astronaut Franklin Chang with Barack Obama in 2015

A photo of Tico astronaut Franklin Chang with President Barack Obama in the Oval Office was chosen as one of 2015's best by White House photographers.

Two Costa Rican students will study at NASA with Franklin Chang

Costa Rica is the only country in Central America that grants scholarships for students to attend the Space School program.

Central America’s first hydrogen-fueled bus hits the road in Costa Rica

“The whole process is not [just] carbon-neutral: it’s completely carbon-free.”

Three imaginary political headlines from Costa Rica’s future

Alvaro Murillo imagines a 2018 presidential election with more than 100 parties, a 100% victory for a national hero, and widespread euphoria... all leading to disaster.

NASA dream comes true for Costa Rican teens

It was a long road to Cape Canaveral, but these young Costa Ricans are just getting started.

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