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El Salvador court freezes ex-president’s bank accounts

Former President Mauricio Funes (2009-2014) faces civil trial for alleged illegal enrichment. He says the charges stem from a "political vendetta."

El Salvador’s ‘voice of the voiceless’ beatified

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – Cheers rang from a crowd of hundreds of thousands Saturday as former Archbishop Óscar Romero, whose defense of the poor and repressed divided both his nation and the Church, was beatified.

El Salvador’s beatified Romero symbol of new Catholic Church

In a move long resisted by conservative Catholics and the Salvadoran right, Archbishop Oscar Romero will be declared "blessed" in a ceremony Saturday led by the pope's envoy, Cardinal Angelo Amato, in San Salvador's central plaza.

Final election results in El Salvador give ARENA majority in congress

Authorities finished counting votes on Friday night -- almost four weeks after election day.

On 35th anniversary of Romero’s murder, Salvadorans remember him finally as a martyr

On Tuesday, the chapel at the Hospital Divina Providencia in San Salvador, where Romero was killed 35 years ago, was packed with people who came to honor the former archbishop.

El Salvador unites behind martyr Romero, 35 years on

Today, Salvadorans will remember Archbishop Oscar Romero at masses in his honor across the country, and with a ceremony in San Salvador cathedral led by Panamanian Cardinal José Luis Lacunza.

Still no results in El Salvador elections following Sunday’s vote

The Salvadoran daily La Prensa Gráfica reported Tuesday that voting authorities carried out two test tallies prior to the election, and that both were failures.

Voters head to the polls in El Salvador to elect legislators, mayors

For the first time, voters will be able to select individual candidates from any party rather than being forced to vote for a single party with an established list of candidates. Voters can still opt to simply choose a party.

Former guerrilla sworn in as El Salvador president

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – Former guerrilla commander Salvador Sánchez Cerén was sworn in Sunday as president of El Salvador with the pressing tasks of dealing with violent gangs, a struggling economy and endemic poverty.

With opposition’s legal challenges rejected, leftist ex-guerrilla confirmed at last as El Salvador’s next president

El Salvador's election officials on Sunday declared ex-leftist guerrilla commander Salvador Sánchez Cerén the winner of a March 9 presidential election, after rejecting the opposition's last challenges to the results.

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