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Gardening in Costa Rica: The Fragrant and Trippy Queen of the Night

HOME GARDENING: Planting Queen of the Night around the home scents the air at dusk with a relaxing aroma that helps to lift the spirit and emotions.

20 New Orchid Species Found in Costa Rica’s Protected Wildlife Areas

Costa Rica is home to a distinct variety of orchids. So much so that Costa Rica's national flower is the Guaria Morada orchid. ...

New Plant Species Discovered in Cerro Chirripo Costa Rica

A new species of plant has been discovered recently in a remote part of Costa Rica high in the mountains. Gentiana bicentenaria is the...

The Carao Tree in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s landscape is a country sprawling in greenery swallowing you up in all of its beautiful variety of trees. One that stands out...

The new world of farm-direct roses to our clients in the United States

Delivering the world's most beautiful roses from our premier farms in Ecuador direct to mom's home in the US will express just how much you love and appreciate her this Mother's Day.

Bright as a veranera

Our daily Costa Rican moment of zen. #tanlindacostarica

Dutch orchid exporter selects Guatemala for its first international venture

One of Holland’s largest orchid growers is poised to build a sophisticated greenhouse in Guatemala to produce the popular, delicate flowers.

Police catch Costa Rica orchid thief red-handed

Mario Blanco, director of the Lankester Botanical Garden at the University of Costa Rica, told The Tico Times it was hard to gauge the size of the black market for orchids but that snatching the flowers was a common practice.

Costa Rican flora on display at world fair in Germany

A group of 11 Costa Rican companies from the export sector of plants, flowers and foliage this week are displaying their products at the International Trade Fair for Plants (IPM) in Essen, Germany.

Flowers hid cocaine bound for Europe

Judicial Investigation Police announced Thursday morning they had busted an international drug ring that ferried cocaine from Costa Rica to Germany and Austria, hiding the drugs among shipments of tropical flowers.

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