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Man sentenced to 35 years in prison for murder of Eva Morera

Randall Garita Oviedo was sentenced to 35 years in prison for the 2019 murder of Eva Morera Ulloa, a criminal court ruled Tuesday.

Pic of the Day: International Women’s Day march in Costa Rica

Hundreds of people across Costa Rica participated in International Women's Day marches.

Pandemic inflames violence against women, UN data show

In July, the UN estimated that six months of restrictions could result in 31 million additional cases of sexual violence in the world and seven million unwanted pregnancies.

Pic of the Day: Dressed in black, women march in memory of Allison Bonilla

Thousands across the country marched Sunday in memory of Allison Bonilla, María Luisa Cedeño and other women who have been victims of femicides in Costa Rica. 

Remembering Eva

Eva Morera Ulloa was a student, a young mother and an advocate against gender violence.

Demonstrators march against gender violence: ‘If you are in a relationship and in love, it’s difficult to see that something is wrong’

Demonstrators gathered this weekend to raise awareness about cases of violence against women in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica marks International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women with calls for action

San José’s Parque Nacional was filled with a sea of orange on Wednesday, as groups from across the country gathered for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, a day designated by United Nations resolution in 1999.

Making the invisible, visible: In Nicaragua, women journalists call for equality

Central America, like much of the world, has a high femicide rate, as well as overall violence against women. Of the 25 countries that have “very high femicide rates,” more than half are in Latin America, according to the Small Arms Survey, conducted in 2012.

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