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Costa Rican Sloths Open New Path to Antibiotics of the Future

Sloths in Costa Rica have shown to have bacteria in their fur that produce antibiotics that keep pathogens that can make the animal sick...

Experience Costa Rica’s inauguration in our interactive video

Experience the sights and sounds of the Plaza de la Democracia on Inauguration Day.

Our chat with Epsy Campbell, Costa Rica’s vice president-elect

The Tico Times sat down with the vice president-elect to discuss inequality, corruption and what she calls Costa Rica's new opportunity.

The Tico Times at 62: Finding new ways to serve and celebrate Costa Rica

Here's what we've been up to in the months since we reopened.

Clubs and organizations in Costa Rica

Contact information for some Costa Rican clubs and organizations.

How Costa Rica’s Design Festival became an educational platform

A three-day festival has become a groundbreaking course on innovation in Costa Rica.

5 questions for Costa Rican artist Raudyn Alfaro

"If you drink a cup of our coffee, you’re also drinking Costa Rican values."

See all The Tico Times’ 360 videos from Costa Rica’s election

Experience the voting process and Election Night celebrations - in the round.

Costa Rican scientists discover new bacteria

As befits the military-free nature of the country for which it is named, Listeria costaricensis is not harmful.

Headed your way: a second Special Print Edition

Contact us to learn more about advertising or becoming a distributor.

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