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environmental damage

National campaign collects used batteries for recycling

The Life Insurance Company of the National Teachers’ Union (SSVMN) is hosting a collection campaign of both acid and alkaline batteries that will be sent to a recycling center in Canada.

Mora residents battle to stop a landfill from being built in their backyard

The proposed construction of a landfill in the canton of Mora, 20 kilometers west of San José, has angered local residents who say they will fight to protect their natural resources. But time is running out.

Bumblebee tongues are shrinking because of climate change, study says

As rising temperatures cause flower populations to decline, bumblebees' tongues are getting shorter in an apparent trend away from specialization. Scientists believe that having shorter tongues allows the bees to be more generalized when it comes to the flowers they visit, giving them a wider range of food sources to choose from.

UN condemns pollution disaster in Guatemala’s La Pasión river

A major river in Guatemala’s northern region has been contaminated by pesticides used to produce African palm oil, affecting thousands of people.

Man throws religious icons into Costa Rica’s Poás Volcano

Most people visit Costa Rica's volcanoes to admire their beauty, but one man apparently had a different idea.

A milestone for the environment in the Deepwater Horizon disaster

The amount of BP money that will flow into Gulf Coast restoration over the next two decades is prodigious. Both BP and the government deserve credit for heading off a nasty and prolonged legal battle. What we still don't know — and may not know for a very long time — is the extent of the damage the spill caused.

Thousands protest Nicaraguan canal

MANAGUA, Nicaragua – Thousands of demonstrators gathered Saturday in the central Nicaraguan city of Juigalpa to protest the construction of a $50 billion canal that will run through their land.

Nicaragua Canal project surrounded by air of intimidation, opponents say

Organizers of Saturday’s march said they hope to send a message to outside investors that the 373,000 people estimated to be affected by the mega-project will not roll over without a fight.

Costa Rica investigates company’s navigation permits after weekend chemical spill in Nicoya Gulf

Officials from the Costa Rican Fisheries Institute (INCOPESCA) on Monday said that 180 tons of ammonium nitrate spilled into the Nicoya Gulf last Saturday has not caused significant damage to the area’s marine resources.

UPDATE: Costa Rican officials downgrade alert following ammonium nitrate spill in Nicoya Gulf

Officials from several government agencies are scrambling to respond to the contamination of Costa Rica's Nicoya Gulf with 180 tons of ammonium nitrate after a barge capsized Saturday afternoon near the central Pacific port city of Puntarenas.

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