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Costa Rica says it’s the first country in the region with nationwide electric vehicle charging grid

When the National Decarbonization Plan was inaugurated last year, modernizing the country's transportation infrastructure was listed as a pillar of the initiative. 

Costa Rica to take decarbonization steps this week

Under the direction of the Environment and Energy Ministry (MINAE), Costa Rica this week will take steps toward achieving its goal of decarbonizing its economy by 2050. 

Costa Rica takes first steps to rebuild railroad to the Pacific

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, railroads served a major role in Costa Rica's development as a country. 

Costa Rica takes steps to modernize, expand trains in Caribbean

AUDINGINTRAESA-AUDINGMEX Consortium was selected from a group of more than 25 companies.

Costa Rica to purchase eight new trains from Chinese company

The Costa Rican Railroad Institute (INCOFER) announced that it will buy eight new trains from CRRC Quingdao Sifang Co. Ltd, a Chinese company dedicated to researching, developing and manufacturing railway locomotives and rolling stock products.

Costa Rica seeks to modernize urban transportation with electric train

Costa Rica wants to reorganize its chaotic transport system and start decarbonizing its economy with a modern electric train that will run through the country's main cities, the government announced Wednesday.

United Arab Emirates mission evaluates investment options in Costa Rica

Local officials presented members of the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development with a series of projects in public infrastructure and public services.

Municipality of San José revives streetcar project for the capital

San José Mayor Johnny Araya said the city is currently amid the process of hiring a consulting firm to conduct feasibility and cost studies of the streetcar project.

Train service in Costa Rica resumes Wednesday following strike

A strike staged by train drivers on Tuesday left some 16,000 people struggling to get to work and school.

Legislative Assembly passes bill to jumpstart electric train system

Costa Rica’s publicly-owned rail company has been given the green light to contract with private companies to create an electric rail system that the government hopes will help the country reduce carbon emissions and ease pressure on the country’s desperately choked roadways.

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