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Lama Thubten Wangchen: ‘You are so lucky to be Costa Ricans’

All the countries he visits become his home.

2018: A big year for Latin American elections

An overview of trends throughout Latin America as the region enters a decisive year.

Ticos show support for Hondurans as Tegucigalpa returns to normal

After days of unrest, the Honduran capital Tegucigalpa was slowly returning to normal, with schools and universities opening their doors again.

Six weeks before elections, one third of Costa Ricans are undecided

One third of Costa Rican voters remain undecided just six weeks before the presidential election. According to a poll published Wednesday, the two leading...

Billionaire Piñera to return as Chile’s president

Billionaire Sebastian Piñera will return to power as Chile's president next year, following a runoff election held Sunday. Electoral authorities said the 68-year-old conservative, who...

Is party allegiance dead in Costa Rica? There’s more to it than meets the eye

"It could be that the moment arrives when having a party will be a transgressive act... but I suspect that we cannot assume that Costa Rica’s parties are extinct dinosaurs."

Óscar Arias: Why I’m not running again for president of Costa Rica

Nobel Peace Prize winner and two-time Costa Rica President Óscar Arias has decided not to run in 2018 for a third term. Here's why.

Canadian expats in Costa Rica hope to regain right to vote

Joan Dewar, a Canadian citizen who has been living outside Grecia, Costa Rica since 2005, got a rude surprise when she tried to vote in federal elections from abroad in 2011.

Bernie Sanders ‘wins’ Costa Rica in Democrats Global Primary

Senator Bernie Sanders ran away with the Democrats' Global Presidential Primary in Costa Rica this week, collecting 130 votes to Clinton’s 58, according to partial preliminary results reported by Democrats Abroad Costa Rica Chair Kathy Rothschild.

Expats ‘feel the Bern’ as Democrat Global Primary kicks off in Costa Rica

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is off to a head start over his opponent, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, for the Democratic presidential nomination after the first day of the Global Presidential Primary in Costa Rica.

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