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Waste time today playing this awesome politically inspired ‘PACMAN’ game

Who knew campaigning could be this fun? The Citizen Action Party, or PAC, got a publicity boost when supporter and designer Jorge Guntanis created a video game emulator based on the arcade classic Pac-Man. (Get it?)

More than 200 celebrities, artists, poets and academics announce support for Villalta’s presidential bid

Musicians, television personalities, and public intellectuals voiced their backing for progressive candidate José María Villalta as Costa Rica’s next president.

If you’re still undecided, Sunday’s presidential debate probably didn’t help

With several presidential debates already behind us and one more to go before Feb. 2 elections, voters might be getting a little winded with the same five candidates reiterating their positions on various issues and displaying general contempt for each other.

Liberation’s Araya proposes food stamps and housing funds to tackle extreme poverty

The ruling National Liberation Party candidate for president, Johnny Araya, unveiled two social welfare programs aimed at addressing the nearly 340,000 Costa Ricans who live in extreme poverty. Araya proposed a food benefit program that would provide approximately $40 per month to each Costa Rican living in extreme poverty. Araya’s second proposal would build new houses or improve the current houses of 125,000 Costa Rican families.

Cosmetics company Avon Costa Rica really does not want you to vote for José María Villalta

Avon, the “company for women,” had its franchise in Costa Rica scolded by the country’s Supreme Elections Tribunal for distributing political propaganda along with its mail-order products.

Villalta calls budget deficit focus ‘alarmist’

Costa Rican opposition presidential candidate José María Villalta says he'll cut tax deductions and boost salaries of police and teachers if elected president, calling concerns about the country's widening budget deficit "alarmist."

Libertarian candidate Otto Guevara could become Costa Rica’s next president

A second round in the Feb. 2 presidential race could turn the dynamics upside-down with current third-place candidate Otto Guevara as a favorite, according to a poll published Thursday.

Costa Rica headed for a runoff election as latest poll suggests 3-way tie

Costa Rica seems headed for its second runoff election in history with three candidates in a dead heat 15 days before the Feb. 2 election, according to the latest national poll.

Municipal Police target street vending in downtown San José

Officers have sized 32,000 pirated CDs and DVDs in December.

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