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Meet Costa Rica’s 48th president, Carlos Alvarado

As the candidate for the PAC, he had to deal with the wear and tear on the current administration, whose image was hard hit by a corruption scandal as well as by increasing violence.

Carlos Alvarado’s victory speech: ‘This election held up a mirror to Costa Rica’

Carlos Alvarado addressed an ecstatic crowd in San Pedro, east of San José.

Carlos Alvarado wins Costa Rica’s presidency in a landslide

The reaction when Carlos Alvarado's victory was announced in San Pedro, San José, Costa Rica.

Fabricio Alvarado gives concession speech in Costa Rica

Fabricio Alvarado called for national unity in his concession speech.

BREAKING: Carlos Alvarado wins 60.6 percent of vote with 90.6 of votes recorded in Costa Rica

The Supreme Elections Tribunal (TSE) announced its first set of results starting at 8:07 pm.

Experience Election Day in Costa Rica with The Tico Times’ first-ever 360 video

Get a wraparound view of a Costa Rican polling place.

Images from a busy, hot Election Day in Costa Rica

Sights and sounds from the two candidates' paths - and further afield.

Candidates kick off an unusual Election Day in Costa Rica

Photos from the morning activities of both of Costa Rica's presidential candidates.

PHOTOS: Final pre-election activities for Costa Rica’s candidates

Take a look at the candidates' final rallies and quality time with family.

Welcome to The Tico Times’ all-day election coverage in Costa Rica

We're up and at 'em, and hope you will join us today.

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