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elections 2018

Election Eve in San Pedro, Costa Rica

A look at party supporters at a classic Costa Rican gathering place on the eve of the runoff.

Dear Costa Rica: This is just getting started

The next four years will be key to the future of our democracy. We can get on track toward a solution, or we can make a definitive leap into crisis.

The heart of Fabricio Alvarado, part IV: ‘Incorruptible people’

“People say: ‘I prefer to support someone who, because of his or her principles, is very unlikely to get involved in corruption.’"

What’s it really like to vote in Costa Rica? A new citizen’s perspective

A cardboard box, a crayon, friends and neighbors: all part of voting in small-town Costa Rica.

Carlos Alvarado, novelist, musician and presidential candidate in Costa Rica

As the candidate for the PAC, he has had to deal with the wear and tear on the current administration, whose image was hard hit by a corruption scandal as well as by increasing violence.

Fabricio Alvarado, the evangelical singer seeking Costa Rica’s presidency

"People with experience have left us with bad experiences. I fully trust God, and if I’ve gotten here, it’s because I am capable.”

‘There’s a bigger family: the Costa Rican family’

Our team captured voters' motivations, from dawn to dusk.

5 keys to understanding Costa Rica as it faces new elections

A look at the economic, political and social context on Sunday's vote.

We need to take a second look at our assumptions about gay marriage

The study of history and even casual observation clearly confirm that LGBTQ people are important contributing members of society.

Costa Rican elections combine close polls, vastly different positions

The second and final vote will be held April 1.

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