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See all The Tico Times’ 360 videos from Costa Rica’s election

Experience the voting process and Election Night celebrations - in the round.

There was a problem at the polls in Costa Rica – and I was part of it

These are the people we ask to trust us to tell the truth, and when they finally get a glimpse of us, we act like savages.

Epsy Campbell: Costa Rica Has The First Afro-Latina Vice President-Elect

Campbell, 54, is well known on the Costa Rican political scene, and is unquestionably one of the most familiar faces in the Citizen Action Party (PAC). 

Voters leave flowers at Costa Rica’s Elections Tribunal

Our daily Costa Rican moment of zen. #tanlindacostarica

How popsicle sales predicted Costa Rica’s election result

One unusual method proved surprisingly accurate: the sale of popsicles in the party colors by Costa Rican brand Los Paleteros.

Catching up? Highlights from yesterday’s surprising Costa Rican election

A few of the highlights, videos and photos from an Election Day we won't soon forget.

Epsy Campbell will become Latin America’s first Afro-Latina vice president

Campbell will serve as vice president in the new Alvarado administration.

Meet Costa Rica’s 48th president, Carlos Alvarado

As the candidate for the PAC, he had to deal with the wear and tear on the current administration, whose image was hard hit by a corruption scandal as well as by increasing violence.

Carlos Alvarado’s victory speech: ‘This election held up a mirror to Costa Rica’

Carlos Alvarado addressed an ecstatic crowd in San Pedro, east of San José.

Carlos Alvarado wins Costa Rica’s presidency in a landslide

The reaction when Carlos Alvarado's victory was announced in San Pedro, San José, Costa Rica.

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