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A late-night chat with a Pulitzer Prize winner

You'd think former Tico Times reporter Rebecca Kimitch would be celebrating the night after her Pulitzer win. She wasn't - she was working on a new story. During a short break from her writing, she discussed with an old friend the future of journalism, her memories of Costa Rica, and a 15-year journalism career that, from the looks of things, is just getting started.

Chinese Balloon Spotted Flying Over Costa Rica?

Costa Rica social media has been abuzz with posts and photos of a large white balloon seen flying over the country. The reports started...

Costa Rica Ice Hockey: Winter Olympic Dreams in the Tropics

It is not widely appreciated or publicized but it is possible to ice skate and play ice hockey in Costa Rica and an ice...

Costa Rica Plans to Modify Recreational Marijuana Bill

The Costa Rican government is set to present a substitute text to the recreational marijuana bill after obtaining feedback from different institutions. According to Natalia...

Speculation About Balloon Seen Over Costa Rica Continues

On Friday the Tico Times reported about sightings of a large white balloon seen in several areas over Costa Rica. Social media was being bombarded...