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A Swarm of Autonomous Drones are Successfully tested in the Jungle

In a dense bamboo forest in China, ten small drones the size of the palm of a hand suddenly appear amid a buzz.  They fly...

Drones fly to rescue of Amazon wildlife

A hoarse sound abruptly wakes visitors staying at a floating house that serves as a base for environmentalists on the Jaraua river in the Amazon rainforest.

Costa Rica to use drones to deliver medicine to indigenous communities

Currently, it can take up to three days to deliver medicine to remote communities. Using drones, each delivery would take 30-45 minutes.

Drone hits small plane over Costa Rica park

New drone regulations set to take effect soon in Costa Rica might have prevented the collision, which experts say could have been a catastrophe.

Local businesses swat at new regulations, fees for drones

Costa Rica's Civil Aviation Authority announced it would start regulating unmanned aerial vehicles here by the end of the year. The new rules might have trouble getting off the ground, though, including one provision that would require businesses to pay more than $1,800 to use them here.

Costa Rica Conservationists and IIlegal Fishing At Cocos Island

The ocean conservation group Turtle Island Restoration Network has teamed up with the imagery crowdsourcing platform to launch a campaign that allows conservation-minded Internauts to identify illegal fishing boats in satellite imagery of Cocos Island National Park.

Drones could be stressing out wildlife, scientists suggest

As UAVs are becoming more common among wildlife researchers and enthusiasts, there has been little research on how the animals actually react to the aircraft.

Gun-firing ‘drone’ built by US teen under investigation

The video showing a handgun firing from its mount on a quadcopter was filmed by 18-year-old Austin Haughwout from Clinton, Connecticut. It's been viewed two million times on YouTube since it was posted July 10.

Drones could help spot illegal fishing around Costa Rica’s Cocos Island

Conservationists hope unmanned aerial vehicles can help fight illegal fishing in Costa Rica's Cocos Island National Park. Similar drones have been used in South Africa to fight rhino poaching in national parks there.

David Crosby says he has health but no wealth

You can forgive David Crosby for not remembering the Washington-area venue he was playing in the summer of 1994 when his liver finally gave out after so many blurry years of dope and drink. But he does recall that it took two guys to help him off the stage and back onto the tour bus.

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