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Costa Rica court convicts U.S. investor of fraud

The long, strange ordeal that Cyrus Sepehr refers to as "something out of a movie" took a turn for the worse Thursday when a San José court convicted him on five counts of fraud in a failed real estate deal.

Costa Rica prosecutors seek 20 years in fraud case against US investor Cyrus Sepehr

The trial of U.S. real estate investor Cyrus Sepehr, who is in preventive prison in Costa Rica with crippling post-polio syndrome, continued for a second straight week. On Friday, prosecutors asked judges that Sepehr be given 20 years in prison.

U.S. man says he’s dying in Costa Rica prison; officials say he’s getting proper care

U.S. citizen Cyrus Sepehr, who suffers from post-polio syndrome, says he's slowly dying in a Costa Rica prison while waiting on local courts to decide his legal fate.

US man with post-polio syndrome protests ‘inhumane conditions’ in Costa Rica prison

When Cyrus Sepehr was thrown into a preventive prison in Costa Rica under suspicion of fraud, he could still walk. But in just four months he's been relegated to a wheel chair, and the left side of his body is now paralyzed.

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