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Cuba economy

Cuba’s vaunted health system straining under Covid cases

Cuba's vaunted public health system, which boasts more doctors per capita than any other country, has been pushed to the brink in recent months by the arrival of the coronavirus Delta variant.

US calls Cuba ‘failed state’ after widespread protests

President Joe Biden said Thursday the United States was considering ways to force open internet access in Cuba, which he called a failed state as the communist leadership faces down the biggest protests in memory.

Cuban Embassy in Costa Rica suspends activities due to demonstrations

The Cuban Embassy in Costa Rica temporarily closed its doors this Wednesday, in the face of continuous protests by Cuban residents against the island's government

Anti-government protests erupt in Cuba

The anti-government rallies erupted spontaneously in several cities as the country endures its worst economic crisis in 30 years, with chronic shortages of electricity and food.

Cuba faces challenge of attracting tourists amid ongoing pandemic

Closed to commercial flights since March 24, Havana reopened just in time for peak season (November-April).

US restores regular flights to Cuba

On Tuesday, the Treasury Department was to invite U.S. airlines to submit applications to be allocated the new flights. American Airlines, Delta, United Airlines and JetBlue have previously expressed an interest in running regular flights to Cuba.

How Cuba is and isn’t changing, one year after thaw with U.S.

In the 12-months since Cuba and the U.S. announced they would begin normalizing long-broken relations, here's what has changed and what hasn't.

As US, Cuba renew ties, report urges ‘economic reintegration’

Some economists say Cuba should seek to rejoin international financial institutions in order to reduce poverty and further economic reforms. Cuba is one of only eight countries that do not belong to the International Monetary Fund.

Will Cuba rejoin the IMF?

At some point, it is likely that Cuba will want to renew its membership, at which point the outcome will hinge on the U.S. position.

New report includes paper on what Cuban economists might learn from Costa Rica

According to Costa Rica's former trade minister, Alberto Trejos, Cuba, whose halting reforms have failed to energize the island’s stagnant, centralized economy, may have a thing or two to learn from Costa Rica – which over the last 30 years has made strides in slashing poverty, promoting trade and luring foreign direct investment.

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