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Crocodiles sleep with one eye open

It's always been a terrible idea to sneak up on a sleeping crocodile. A new study confirms why.

Costa Rica Crocodile Pocho is Dead, But his Legend Lives On

Four years after Pocho the domesticated crocodile's death, his handler looks back.

Crocodile warning signs in Costa Rica have decreased bad encounters with tourists, Environment Ministry reports

Environment officials have seen a decrease by up to 90 percent in complaints related to tourists feeding or approaching crocodiles. Local residents also are warming up to the signs.

Tamarindo crocodile suspected of attacking surfer will not be relocated

Locals had hoped to remove the problem croc, but the estuary where it lives is part of a national park and crocodiles cannot be removed without scientific evidence of overpopulation. Instead, local leaders hope to educate the population about crocodile behavior.

Crocodile attacks surfer in Tamarindo

On the first day of his surf trip on March 6 in Tamarindo, Montreal native Val Muscalu was waiting his turn for a wave when suddenly he was ripped off his board.

Hungry crocodile removed from Costa Rica home

Nothing like walking out on to your front porch in the morning and finding a crocodile staring back at you.

Peru was a crocodile paradise before the Amazon River went and ruined it

A new study found that seven species of crocodile inhabited the massive wetlands that once sat in the Amazon basin.

Looking back: A microscopic wasp and other amazing Costa Rica wildlife stories

We decided to use this month’s Into the Wild to take a look back at the three most insane wildlife stories of 2014.

Costa Rica’s most dangerous creatures

Costa Rica is full of adorable, cuddly and fascinating creatures, and it also has its fair share of animals that could kill you. Though animal-related deaths are extremely rare, it’s good to have an idea of what animals can cause you some serious harm.

Police relocate small crocodile in Orotina that liked to sunbathe on path used by kids

Costa Rican police on Tuesday night captured a small crocodile in San Jerónimo de Orotina, 70 kilometers west of the capital, after it had appeared in the area about a week ago and grown accustomed to sunbathing along a path that kids use to walk to school.

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