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Wildlife expert mauled by 3-meter crocodile in Costa Rica

A Costa Rican crocodile expert is now recuperating in a hospital bed after being bitten last Wednesday by a crocodile during a relocation demonstration in the coffee town of Atenas, 44 kilometers northwest of the capital.

200-kilo crocodile snagged on the streets of Quepos

The town of Quepos near Manuel Antonio National Park had an unwelcome tourist over the weekend.

Police remove 660-pound crocodile from beach near Jacó

It wasn't only sunburnt tourists basking in the sunny Pacific beaches last weekend.

Caiman captured in San José park

A lake in a San José metropolitan park lost a predator Sunday, as officials finally captured one of the elusive caimans that had been roaming the park.

Crocodilian hide-and-seek: Caimans evade capture in San José park

It's been two solid hours and Carlos Gómez and Minor González of Costa Rica's National System of Conservation Areas haven't seen as much as a scale of the two caiman crocodiles they are supposed to catch.

Costa Rica’s crocodile conundrum

With one of the highest rates of crocodile attacks in the Americas, Costa Rica is now struggling as the giant reptiles expand their territory to popular tourist destinations.

4 recent findings that explain why crocodiles are smarter than you think

With 65 million years of evolution on their side, crocodiles are a lot smarter than you think.

Police remove crocodile from Guanacaste river where tourists swam

The leathery-skinned beach bum wasn’t a sunburned gringo but a 3.5-meter long crocodile.

Body found floating in Tempisque River, apparently mutilated by crocodile

A corpse missing an arm and showing signs of laceration on several parts of the body was discovered floating in the Tempisque River near Filadelfia, Guanacaste. The body apparently had been mutilated by a crocodile, according to a statement by the Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ).

Feeding on caimans

VIDEO: Butterflies and bees were caught caiman crocodilian tears at La Selva biological reserve in Puerto Viejo, Sarapiquí.

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