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2 Cruise Ships arrive in Costa Rica with hundreds of Tourists

Hundreds of tourists arrived in the city of Puntarenas on Monday, aboard the cruise ships Holland America coming from Guatemala and the Radisson Seven...

Three North Americans receive jail time for Costa Rica-based telemarketing scam

The scheme, operated from a Costa Rica call center, defrauded primarily elderly U.S. citizens of approximately $11 million.

Costa Ricans report increasing safety concerns; 2016 is set to become most violent year on record

The Judicial Investigation Police this week reported they have recorded 555 murders this year, just two less than the total number of homicides recorded in 2015. Crime figures last year prompted OIJ to declare 2015 as Costa Rica's most violent year in record.

National Police increase street surveillance ahead of holiday season

Police operations are part of a surveillance strategy ahead of the distribution of Christmas bonuses that will begin this week.

San José to get nearly 100 new security cameras

Araya said the municipality is investing approximately ₡360 million ($647,000) in improving the city’s video surveillance system, which currently has 120 cameras mainly in downtown San José.

Boozy bandit tries to steal $50,000 ambulance in Costa Rica

The thought of the holidays might drive some to drink but drinking and stealing an ambulance?

Citizen groups want street harassment criminalized in Costa Rica

Women’s rights groups in Costa Rica on Tuesday disclosed the details of a citizens' initiative aimed to draft and submit to the Legislative Assembly a bill for criminalizing street sexual harassment.

Costa Rica’s Public Security Minister calls for new organized crime unit after spike in killings

A steadily climbing homicide rate has left Costa Rican authorities struggling to find a strategy to combat increasingly violent and well-organized criminal elements, both international and local.

Costa Rica’s Northern Zone to get more police to fight crime wave

A spike in violent crimes and robberies in Costa Rica’s Northern Zone prompted Public Security Minister Gustavo Mata Vega on Friday to promise local residents an increased police presence in the area.

Outraged citizens protest in Costa Rica in support of stabbed good Samaritan

“Hang in there Gerardo,” “Stop Macho Violence,” and “Thank you Gerardo!” are some of the messages posted on a wall outside Calderón Guardia Hospital in support of Gerardo Cruz Barquero. The 22-year-old Cruz was brutally stabbed Wednesday night just days after a video of him confronting another man trying to take video up a female pedestrian's skirt went viral.

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