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Costa Rican writers

How to Write a Costa Rican Novel

  My first trip to Costa Rica was not of my own design. At least not initially. At the time I was a freelance location scout...

Who Really Was The Costa Rica writer Carlos Luis Fallas?

A quick Google search will reveal that Carlos Luis Fallas “Costa Rican author and communist political activist.” Now, this isn’t exactly wrong. But neither...

From Brooklyn to Costa Rica: ‘It was the best decision of my life’

The Tico Times chats with writer Natasha Gordon-Chipembere in the first profile in a new series focused on stories of immigration to Costa Rica.

From our archives: José León Sánchez on prison, the media and writing

Our 2005 interview with Costa Rica's renowned inmate-turned-author: José León Sánchez, whose 1963 novel is now onstage at Teatro Espressivo.

5 questions for Costa Rican writer Diego Delfino – ‘I got into what I’m passionate about’

The journalist and writer Diego Delfino chats with The Tico Times about his favorite projects in our "Weekend Arts Spotlight."

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