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Costa Rican food

Patacones: 5 Fascinating Facts About Costa Rica’s Beloved Plantain Dish

Mmm, patacones. So delicious. So full of surprising facts.

My 5 Favorite Desserts in Costa Rica That You Must Try

The sweet aromas of Costa Rica's panaderias drift off into the busy streets luring you in to see what's behind their glass cases. Once...

Costa Rica Food and the Local Specialty – Chicharrones

Taking pleasure in the simpler things that bring a bit of comfort and happiness is a way of life in Costa Rica. One thing...

What are the 5 Best Costa Rican Foods to have During Rainy Season

The rains have touched down in Costa Rica and the season is upon us. Whether the cloudy afternoon skies or the downpours throughout some...

How do you make a real homemade tortilla?

When I was a teenager, I traveled for a few months with a Mexican shoe-shiner I met in Mazatlán. We thumbed rides across the...

5 Interesting Facts about Patacones (Fried Green Plantains) in Costa Rica

Mmm, patacones. So delicious. So full of surprising facts.

What are 8 of the most Popular Foods in Costa Rica?

When you think of Costa Rica, typically cuisine isn’t your first thought with its landscapes of mysterious jungles and tropical beaches. However, once you...

Star Apples: The Other Star Fruit in Costa Rica

At the end of the dry season in April and May, citrus fruits, mangos and avocados are just beginning to form young fruits here...

Duke’s BBQ Restaurant Now in Costa Rica

Low, Slow & Smoked is the Texan Way. Central Texas BBQ has become the most iconic flavor for low, slow and smoked meat flavor in...

An Age Old Christmas Tradition: Making tamales in Costa Rica

Doña Flor Arguedas, 71, has been making tamales since she was 22. That was the year she got married. Her new mother-in-law told her,...

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