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Costa Rica indigenous

Día de las Culturas/Columbus Day: a brief, incomplete guide

The Costa Rican legislature changed Oct. 12 from Day of Discovery and Race to Cultures Day in 1994 to recognize the diverse backgrounds and contributions of the nation's people.

Costa Rica struggles with indigenous land rights

An indigenous rights issue has put Costa Rica’s much-vaunted human rights record to the test as the country struggles to protect members of the Bribrí and Teribe indigenous communities from non-indigenous people who have forcibly, and at times violently, removed them from indigenous ancestral lands.

Student campaign seeks to help preserve Cabécar culture

“We want many people to be able to support the Cabécares, not only those who live in Costa Rica," student Carlos Soto told The Tico Times. "It’s a platform that allows an extensive audience to help us."

Alajuela’s neighborhood petroglyphs offer window to the past

Long before Columbus found his way to America – and long, long before there were telephones and computers – the people of the Central Valley had a durable communication system.

Photo exhibit documents Costa Rican diversity

Portraitist Lucas Iturriza has spent the past half-decade capturing faces on film and talking with his subjects about their lives. The purpose of the project has been to celebrate the diversity of Costa Rica – not just as faces and skin colors, but as backgrounds and lifestyles.

Colorful masks and stone spheres will abound at Rey Curré indigenous festival

The moment tourists arrive at a Costa Rican airport, they see artifacts of the Boruca people: elaborately painted balsawood masks hang in the souvenir shops, sculpted like monsters, jaguars, and playful demons. Travelers stop, lean into those masks, and wonder, Now where did these come from?

New exhibit at National Museum celebrates social progress

The National Museum recently opened a curious new exhibition, “Conquistas Sociales en Costa Rica.” While “conquista” in this context can be translated most accurately as “achievement,” visitors will appreciate the victorious tone the exhibit gives to Costa Rica’s conquests of injustice and inequality.

Lawmakers vote to define Costa Rica as a multiethnic, plurinational country

After more than 10 years of debate, lawmakers approved a bill in a first round vote Wednesday to reform Costa Rica’s Constitution to redefine the Central American country as a “multiethnic and plurinational” republic. The bill would add language to Article 1 of the constitution, which defines Costa Rica as a “democratic, free and independent” republic.

Costa Rica prepares for first visit by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will speak at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, meet with indigenous leaders and promote mass transit during his one-day stay in Costa Rica.

Photos: A visit to a Costa Rican Cabécar indigenous community

Visiting the San José Cabecar indigenous community, located in the mountains of Talamanca, Limón, is not something many people have the chance to do. This community is one of the few in Costa Rica that has maintained a significant part of its identity; they still use natural medicine, hunting and fishing techniques, traditional cultural activities and language.

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