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Costa Rica indigenous

Costa Rican Indigenous Organizations Denounce Evictions

Costa Rican indigenous organizations denounced that the justice system ordered the eviction of land from a property located within indigenous territory in Puente de...

Looking for Costa Rica History? Guanacasteco Culture is the ‘Bomb’

The pride of Guanacaste is its unique culture, formed by its history and inhabitants. The first known settlers in the region were the Corobicí, an...

Costa Rica’s million-raptor watch site

One of the most spectacular wildlife displays on the planet is happening in the skies over Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast right now: fall raptor migration and the formation of a "river of raptors." And thanks to a geographic bottleneck, one of the best places in the world to witness it is the Kèköldi indigenous territory on Costa Rica's southern Caribbean coast.

Pre-Columbian tombs halt construction on Route 1 highway

An archaeological evaluation prior to the expansion of the main highway in Costa Rica revealed the presence of four pre-Columbian tombs, clay pots and...

National Costa Rican Indigenous Day

Within the list of days’ anniversaries in Costa Rica, April 19th, is maybe least interesting day of commemorating, of making remembrance and of celebration....

Another indigenous man killed in Costa Rica’s southern zone

This new crime against the life of an indigenous leader comes less than a year after the murder of Sergio Rojas, a Bribrí leader from the territory of Salitre, in a crime which remains unsolved.

Costa Rica celebrates Cultures Day

The Costa Rican legislature changed Oct. 12 from Day of Discovery and Race to Cultures Day in 1994 to recognize the diverse backgrounds and contributions of the nation's people.

New Costa Rican law recognizes nationality for indigenous populations

The lack of nationality has been a historical obstacle preventing indigenous people living on Costa Rica’s borders access to basic services such as healthcare, education and social assistance benefits.

Costa Rica evicts illegal occupants, returns territories to indigenous community

Costa Rican authorities announced the return of two properties to indigenous communities, which have for years denounced the invasion of their land.

IACHR mission visits Costa Rica to evaluate protections for indigenous communities

During the visit, the mission of the IACHR also intends to learn about the situation of Nicaraguan migrants in Costa Rica.

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