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Costa Rica health care

Breast cancer incidence remains high in Costa Rica

According to Health Ministry data, 427 women in Costa Rica died as a result of breast cancer in 2020. The disease remains the top cause...

Man in Costa Rica receives first operation of its kind in Latin America

d man in Costa Rica became the first in Latin America to receive an esophagus replacement using material from his small intestine

Exacerbated by pandemic, Costa Ricans face long hospital wait times

The waiting time for a non-emergency surgery at Costa Rica's public hospitals has reached more than 520 days, up considerably compared to before the pandemic.

Costa Rica the right choice for many seeking cardiac care

Many people from the United States and elsewhere choose Costa Rica for their cardiac treatments.

In Costa Rica, horses heal pain and sadness

Equine therapy is an increasingly widespread therapeutic technique that takes advantage of the horse's movements and energy to support the treatment of various ailments.

Five labs authorized to offer coronavirus antibody tests in Costa Rica

The approved labs are: Echandi, Hospital Clínica Bíblica, Hospital la Católica, Hospital Cima and Laboratorio Labin.

Costa Rica’s public health care system facing financial strains

Costa Rica’s Social Security System, which manages the country’s socialized health care, is facing serious financial strains.

Costa Rica confirms four new coronavirus cases

The Health Ministry on Saturday night confirmed four new cases of the novel coronavirus in Costa Rica. 

Second person this year contracts amebic meningitis after visiting Costa Rican hot springs

A second person has contracted a potentially deadly infection caused by amebic meningitis after visiting hot springs in Costa Rica, the Health Ministry says.

Ministry of Health supporting initiative to ban the use of vaping devices in public spaces

The Minister of Health, Daniel Salas, on Tuesday endorsed an initiative to ban the use of vaping devices in Costa Rica's public spaces. 

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