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Costa Rica coffee

Was 2022 a Bad Year? Try a little Costa Rican Magic for a Lucky 2023

An old Tico belief holds that whatever you’re doing when the clock strikes 12 on Dec. 31 will characterize your year to come.

Old Costa Rica Christmas Traditions like Nativity Scenes, Rosaries Still Alive

The nativity scene remains an unique and integral part of a Costa Rican Christmas.

3 Ways to Beat the Bugs in Costa Rica

DIY IN THE TROPICS: You can never fully escape the creepy crawlies of Costa Rica, but mixing a few non-toxic potions can help.

Costa Rica Independence Day Meal with a Side of History

Preparing for the Independence Day feast, I could not help but wonder what it should be. Typical tamal and rompope with guaro? Gallos, grilled...

The History of Trains in Costa Rica: A Lifelong Fascination

Planes and cars may be the current means of travel, but trains fascinate. In Costa Rica, the history of railroads dates back to l857, when...

Coffee Photography: An Old Costa Rican Coffee Plantation

The country is rich in gold, silver and copper, but its chief trade is in coffee, bananas and bar-gold, and it has been called the Coffee Republic.

In Costa Rica, Coconut is Used Liberally in Caribbean Cooking

The coconut is called the tree of life, for it has been providing humans food and drink, materials for housing, fuel and medicine for...

Is It Good for Kids to Drink Coffee?

If you’re a parent of a preteen or teenager, you probably know how hectic and stressful their schedules can get. As your kid moves...

Looking for Costa Rica History? Guanacasteco Culture is the ‘Bomb’

The pride of Guanacaste is its unique culture, formed by its history and inhabitants. The first known settlers in the region were the Corobicí, an...

Costa Rica’s Valentine’s Day: Love it or Leave it

There appear to be two schools of thought when it comes to Valentine’s Day: Love it or Leave it. Those of the older generation...

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