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Costa Rica coffee cashing in despite drop in exports

The value of Costa Rican coffee exports increased 11 percent — an additional $30 million — during 2015 compared to 2014.

Morning caffeine fix gets cheaper as rains boost Brazil supplies

Hedge funds are betting your morning cup of coffee is going to get cheaper, even as prices head for a sixth straight monthly loss.

Costa Rica to step up carbon-neutral coffee production

Coffee fans will soon have another reason to buy Costa Rican brews. On Tuesday, officials from the Environment Ministry announced a new goal to convert 25,000 hectares of coffee plantations to carbon-efficient farms.

Miguel Facussé is dead: What does that mean for the people of Honduras?

This Sunday, Hondurans will mark the 6th anniversary of a military coup that catapulted the Central American nation into becoming the region’s murder capital – with targeted killings of journalists, political activists and labor leaders rising to unprecedented levels. One of the alleged orchestrators of that coup, Miguel Facussé Barjum, died late this past Monday night of causes not yet disclosed.

New strain of banana fungus threatens world harvests

A type of Fusarium wilt appeared this year in Australia's main banana-growing state after spreading to Asia and Africa. While the fungus has been around since the 1990s and has yet to affect top exporter Ecuador, Fresh Del Monte Produce called it a potential "big nightmare." The United Nations says the disease threatens supply, and Latin American growers are taking steps to limit the risk.

Costa Rica’s best coffee comes from this hillside in Alajuela

Lourdes de Cirrí — more a collection of houses perched on the high road than town — is home to three winners of the Cup of Excellence, more than any other single growing area since it started in Costa Rica in 2007.

Four dead, 16 injured in fiery blast at Mexico oil rig

MEXICO CITY – An explosion and a fire erupted on an offshore oil platform operated by Mexico's Pemex on Wednesday, killing at least four workers, injuring 16 and forcing 300 to be evacuated.

Costa Rican coffee exports get a jolt from high prices

While coffee and other exports are enjoying a price boom, Costa Rica’s biggest agricultural exports, bananas and pineapple, are looking a little like a bust.

Big Tobacco’s future as Big Marijuana

More than 19 million people in the U.S. aged 12 and older reported using marijuana in 2012. If recreational marijuana is ever legalized beyond the four states where it's currently permitted, the tobacco companies will be perfectly positioned to capture this vast market.

China helps boost Costa Rica’s beef exports

Exports of Costa Rican beef to China increased by more than 700 percent in one year, according Leonardo Murillo, a livestock research coordinator at the Costa Rican Cattle Corporation.

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