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Central America

New Costa Rica Visa Requirements for Venezuelans

It just got more difficult to get into Costa Rica, especially for Venezuelans. Starting next week on February 21st anyone from Venezuela will need...

Former Honduran president appears before judge after US extradition request

Former Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez, whom the United States is seeking to extradite after accusing him of trafficking some 500 tons of cocaine,...

Costa Rica: A Stable Democracy with No Army but a Hurting Economy

Costa Rica, the "happiest" country in Latin America and a solid democracy without an army, elects new president and deputies this Sunday, amid a...

Guatemala clarifies plan to face possible Honduran migrant caravan

Guatemalan authorities defined on Thursday a preventive and care plan for an eventual massive caravan of Honduran migrants that will try to reach the...

The young Salvadorans seeking a better life… at home

Cristina Navas was 10 when her teenage brother, a gang member, was slain. Despite a life overshadowed ever since by poverty-fueled violence, Navas is...

Feliz día de la Independencia, Costa Rica!

Costa Rica celebrates its bicentennial — 200 years of independence.

Costa Rica Olympians will light independence cauldron

Costa Rican Olympians will light the independence cauldron on Tuesday night in Cartago, the Presidency announced.

Independence torch arrives in Costa Rica for bicentennial

The torch is a national symbol representing Central America’s independence.  

US Supreme Court revives ‘Remain in Mexico’ immigration policy

Under the Remain in Mexico program, tens of thousands of non-Mexican asylum seekers were sent back over the border pending the outcome of their applications.

The shattered dreams of migrants sent back from US to Guatemala

The migrant crisis in Central America has worsened due to increased unemployment triggered by the pandemic.

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