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5 questions for a U.S. writer in Costa Rica

"Costa Rica has inspired my writing by allowing me to be in a whole new environment." Meet Mary Smathers, the U.S. writer whose move to Guanacaste helped kickstart her writing career.

Mobile library brings books and more to Limón communities

The mobile library offers newspapers, books, educational games, computers and even Wi-Fi for children and adults in communities across the Limón region.

In love with language: An interview with U.S. poet Mary Jo Bang

The Tico Times sits down with U.S. poet Mary Jo Bang at the International Book Fair in San José.

The elegance of Quince Duncan: a chat with the celebrated writer

Renowned writer and activist Quince Duncan, now the Commissioner of the Ministry of Afro-Costa Rican Affairs, sits down with The Tico Times to talk about his latest writing projects, efforts to support Limón, and racism.

Isabel Allende: ‘I love my dog unconditionally, but never the man I’m sleeping with’

In her interview with Collier Meyerson, Allende said that if a marriage is romantic (as opposed to a union based more on companionship), unconditional love is nearly impossible.

John Ross and the responsibility of being a ‘rebel reporter’

New book “Rebel Reporting: John Ross Speaks to Independent Journalists,” edited by Cristalyne Bell and Norman Stockwell, is on sale now just in time for the holidays. Here's a look.

‘Green Season’ book excerpt: Day of the Devils

The "Juego de los Diablitos," or Little Devils' Game, brings the colorful masks of the Brunca people to life in a violent ceremony re-enacting a rejection of the Spanish conquistadors.

‘Green Season’ book excerpt: Moving Pictures

Writer (and actor) Robert Isenberg arrives on the set of the film "Italia 90" but has no idea who he's supposed to play in the story of Costa Rica's legendary 1990 World Cup run.

‘Green Season’ book excerpt: Who Watches the Guachimán?

As a pedestrian, not a driver, Robert Isenberg has a different relationship with the guachimánes than most.

‘Green Season’ book excerpt: Car Trouble

Robert Isenberg and his wife, Kylan, traipse across San José to see about a car. It's not exactly what they were hoping for.

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