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The truth about real estate appraisals in Costa Rica

Real estate values change all the time; finding fresh data requires an enormous effort. So what do appraisers in Costa Rica do to find the necessary data to do their job?

UPDATED – Reversing a vasectomy in Costa Rica: I’ll try anything once

"When one changes his mind about kids at 42, after swearing for years that 'People who want to have kids should have kids, but those who don’t should not,' that man needs some quiet time."

Art and culture at a glance: the week ahead in Costa Rica

A few of our favorite events from the week ahead.

‘Green Season’ book excerpt: Who Watches the Guachimán?

As a pedestrian, not a driver, Robert Isenberg has a different relationship with the guachimánes than most.

Collection of ‘marchamo,’ vehicle circulation fee, starts Monday

Vehicle owners in Costa Rica can find out exactly how much they owe for the yearly circulation permit, "marchamo," starting Monday on the INS website, by text or by calling a toll free number.

Does Costa Rica have postal codes?

Ten years after Costa Rica adopted a formal postal system the country has struggled to convince Ticos – even the government – to adopt it.

‘Green Season’ book excerpt: Car Trouble

Robert Isenberg and his wife, Kylan, traipse across San José to see about a car. It's not exactly what they were hoping for.

India Fest, San Ramón run and other happenings around Costa Rica

A roundup of events taking place November 13-20.

La nave: the joys and mysteries of San José buses

Costa Ricans, looking down the street to see their bus approaching, might say, “Allí viene la nave” – “there comes my boat.” The first time I heard my husband say this, years ago, I was charmed, and I have thought of the city’s buses that way ever since.

No love scenes allowed: P.D.A. across borders

Few aspects of life are as fraught with contradictions in Latin America as sexuality. Our culture is simultaneously filled with sensual stimulus and religious censure. We spin in a whirlwind of seduction and shame, of pleasure and guilt.

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