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Final election results in El Salvador give ARENA majority in congress

Authorities finished counting votes on Friday night -- almost four weeks after election day.

Still no results in El Salvador elections following Sunday’s vote

The Salvadoran daily La Prensa Gráfica reported Tuesday that voting authorities carried out two test tallies prior to the election, and that both were failures.

No results yet in El Salvador legislative, municipal elections

Anyone who wants to get a head start tallying votes — or try and beat the government’s timeline — can go to the electoral tribune’s website and view results from individual polling sites.

Voters head to the polls in El Salvador to elect legislators, mayors

For the first time, voters will be able to select individual candidates from any party rather than being forced to vote for a single party with an established list of candidates. Voters can still opt to simply choose a party.

Former guerrilla sworn in as El Salvador president

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – Former guerrilla commander Salvador Sánchez Cerén was sworn in Sunday as president of El Salvador with the pressing tasks of dealing with violent gangs, a struggling economy and endemic poverty.

Conservative in Salvadoran vote demands fresh polls as political divisions intensify

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – The conservative candidate in El Salvador's tight presidential runoff, in which no winner has been declared, on Tuesday demanded a new vote be held.

Both candidates claim win in Salvadoran presidential runoff

FMLN presidential candidate Salvador Sánchez Cerén was expected to easily win Sunday's runoff vote in El Salvador, but the results turned out to be a much closer race.

Ex-rebel commander favored in El Salvador runoff

An ex-guerrilla commander is favored to win an election runoff in El Salvador on Sunday against the capital city's mayor and inherit the twin tasks of fighting grinding poverty and rampant gang violence.

UPDATE: El Salvador ex-guerrilla in presidential vote runoff, narrowly misses victory

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – A former leftist guerrilla narrowly missed victory in El Salvador's presidency race Sunday, and will now face a runoff vote with a conservative rival, according to official results.

Tired of gangs and poverty, Salvadorans head to the polls Sunday to choose between the left and right

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – Overwhelmed by gang violence and economic inequality, Salvadorans will vote on Sunday in presidential elections marked by a heavy presence of security forces. Voters will decide if El Salvador stays with its current left-leaning government, or swings back to the right.

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