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No results yet in El Salvador legislative, municipal elections

Thanks to a computer glitch, voters in El Salvador were still waiting Monday at noon for the results of Sunday’s legislative and municipal elections.

Julio Olivo, president of the country’s Supreme Electoral Tribune, said early Monday that the government would hire technicians to help fix the problem. He said he hoped to start having results early in the day.

Anyone who wants to get a head start — or try and beat the government’s tally timeline — can go to the electoral tribune’s website and view results from individual polling sites.

Still, as of early Monday morning, the central tallying center had only received about half of the results.

This year for the first time Salvadorans had the option of voting for a party list of candidates for legislative office, or for individual candidates from any party. This caused delays in the vote count at many polling centers.

Salvadorans took to the polls on Sunday to fill all 84 seats of Congress, 262 mayors, some 3,000 municipal council members and 20 deputies to the Central American Parliament.

With information from AFP

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